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Sreevaraham Mukkolackal Bhagavathi Temple is one of the old and renowned Devi shrines in Kerala.  Made of 'Panchaloha,' Devi's idol faces north, as also the 'Swambhoo' [self-sprung earthen mound].  The temple complex consists of the idols of 'Maha Ganapathi', 'Naagar', 'Brahma Rakshas', 'Thampuran and Yakshiamma', besides 'Bhagavathi' who is all grace and poise. 

As the story goes, the mythological 'Kannaki' passed through Kanyakumari to her abode at Kodungallur after annihilating King Pandya of Madurapuri in divine fury.  And, it is believed that she took rest enroute at Mukkolackal in a tranquil mood, and the place emerged over the years as a sublime centre of worship.

Consecration of the idol was done by Tharananallur Namboodiripad who was in Thiruvananthapuram in connection with 'Arat' festival at Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple.  The auspicious day was 'Aswathy' in Meenam.  It was in fact King Ayilyam Thirunal who initiated the construction of the temple and arranged for daily pooja.  The King himself visited the temple and offered silver coins and silk cloth to the deity. This practice of the palace donating 'pattu and panam' during annual festival continued for years.


Long ago when the place was a sandy thicket, a few children were playing a noon game with palmleaf ball, on a Friday in the month of 'Meenam'.  Running after the ball, one of the boys tripped over a mound and fell down.  As his playful comrades rushed near in panic, they noticed a patch of blood oozing on the mound. 

The news reached the local chiefs who promptly reported the matter to the royalty.  Ayilyam Thirunal, the ruling King, ordered senior priests to visit the spot.  They divined that the place was sanctified by the sacred presence of Bhagavathi.  And it soon grew into a centre of worship, thronged by an ever increasing number of devotees from far and wide, every day. 

In early years, the divine face was in a slanting position against the earthen mound inside the sanctum sanctorum. Subsequently, as per the findings of the 'Devapresna' by Palakkad Krishnankutty Guptan, renovation work was carried out in accordance with the directions of celebrated architect Kanippayyur Krishanan Namboodiripad.  The 'Sreekovil' was rebuilt without changing location or original position.  The collection of funds was formally inaugurated by His Highness Marthanda Varma, and the public came forward with generous contributions. The foundation stone was laid by Sree Abhedananda Swami on 28 June 1980. 
A new 'Panchaloha' idol was installed behind the sacred mound.  The installation ceremony was consecrated by Aniyaramatom Bhrahmasri Rudra Narayananaru on 20 March 1981 (7 Meenam 1156).  An enlarged Prayer hall, impressive tower, ornamental façade and an Aanakkottil were added to the original structure in later years.  The engravings and sculptures adorning the tower and main chamber enhanced the total grace and glory.  The new structures were dedicated to the devotees by Karthika Thirunal Lakshmi Bai on 31 March 1989 (18 Meenam 1164).
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